Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A sad anniversary and seeing a friend

Professor Timbah
(This is a photo of Timbah 
from a very busy month in
my life, where he persuaded
me on a Sunday to do a 
relaxation course with him. (Lol.)
The course involved sleeping
most of the day with Timbah
and our cat Fiona by my
side, while I read a novel
intermittently. He
was a sweetheart, and
could persuade anyone
to slow down.)

A year ago today our beloved cat Timbah, who was 16 years old we think, died.  
I showed a video on my post a year ago of Steven dancing with Timbah,
but I had trouble uploading it today.  Timbah loved us dancing with him.  
He was affectionate, beautiful, and a sweet, strong, caring cat right to the end.

We were so sad that he was gone. Our cat Fiona missed him intensely,
and so did our dog, Sally. 
Timbah was a lovely cat, and a vital member
of our family
.  Thank you to everyone who helped make his life a happy one. 
Fiona was so sad that we knew we had to get another cat -- and
that's how Monet came into our lives as a kitten last December.  So far
she and Fiona do not get along.  But she did help Fiona get over her
simply by being an annoying kitten. We miss you Timbah.

I spent the day today working with a kind friend applying to an art
show.  And as difficult as that was, it was a treat to work with her.

Have a loving your family and friends day. 


Jennifer Rose said...

thought his name was Timbit for a second 😀

Barbara Muir said...

No Timbah,

He was named after a famous activist.


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

He looks like a beautiful cat. I like the relaxation lessons. I could take sleeping lessons from our cat Henry 😄

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

He was a beautiful cat. We miss him, but got a kitten six months after
he died, and she is very affectionate, and busy. That helped a lot.


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