Friday, July 28, 2023

Looking back on 2020

Today was ferociously hot, but not as hot as all of the 
southern United States, and southern Europe. I have
been in meetings, and busy today, so wanted to find 
something meaningful from the past.

2020 was when this long, long pandemic began.  We
had no vaccines, and new variants kept coming at us.
One of my friends, the wonderful artist Georgia 
Fullerton, held a GASP session for artists on Zoom,
to try and inspire us to keep going.  I will quote that
piece tonight, and show the poor quality video I made to go 
along with the blog post.


"Georgia Fullerton's GASP -- and the magic of fellow artists

COVID -19 has shut a lot of artists down.  We keep trying,
and doing this and that, but the impetus to paint is impacted
 by the facts -- most galleries being closed, no meetings with
other artists, no workshops in person, and the endless
sad stories connected to the virus.

On June 26 Georgia Fullerton held a Zoom event to introduce her
GASP method of painting people's emotions and histories.  She had
wonderful, inspiring guests.  And I don't know about the effect on
other artists, but it got me back into the studio in a pre-COVID-19
way.  I'm not saying the art I'm producing is great, but I feel super
painting.  The joy of doing it has come back to me.  I credit
Georgia.  Oh and of course my husband Steven who came into the
studio and said he liked the painting I was working on.  We need
that support."

Have a loving your life day.

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