Wednesday, July 5, 2023

MIssing Timbah

Professor Timbah
(This is a photo of Timbah 
from a very busy month in
my life, when he persuaded
me on a Sunday to do a 
relaxation course with him. (Lol.)
The course involved sleeping
most of the day with Timbah
and our cat Fiona by my
side, while I read a novel
intermittently. He
was a sweetheart, and
could persuade anyone
to slow down.)

Our cat Timbah died two years ago on this day.  A lot
has happened since then, and we still miss him.  After
he died at 16 we think, our older siamese cat, Fiona, was
broken hearted.  We couldn't bear the idea of losing two
of our pets, so we got a new kitten to give our older cat

Monet is now just over a year and a half old, and she is
still a major annoying factor in Fiona's life.  But even 
her constant irritating habits have somehow been a 
positive, and have helped Fiona get over missing Timbah.

If there is a heaven (I'm no believer) then our sweet cat
Timbah is there. Meanwhile as I write this Monet has taken
over the dog Sally's bed, and is having a bath while Sally
sighs beside her mattress on the floor.  Animals eh?

Have a loving your life day.

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