Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Happy International Day of Happiness


Mixed Media
Georgia Fullerton © 2019

The painting above is in our front hall, and reminds me every day that I have so many reasons to be happy.  On this International Day of Happiness, let me share some of my reasons.  It is a hard time in the world, and so many people are going through horrific war, hunger, terror beyond imagining.  To my mind that makes it all the more important to recognize and be grateful for any happiness that we have. 

10 reasons I am happy.

1. I am happy because I have a loving husband.

2. I am happy because I have a loving family.

3.  I am happy because I have kind, funny friends around
the world, and I spoke to my friend in the Netherlands today.

4.  I am happy because I'm an artist, and I love making art, and I've spent the whole day painting.

5. It's the second day of spring, and Steven and I went to the lake. It snowed today, and it was super cold, but beautiful and sunny  at the lake and there were dozens of robins in the park.

6. I'm happy because on my walk by the lake with Steven, the sky
 was a gorgeous blue and the clouds were amazing..

7. I'm happy because Steven and I have super ready made dishes for our
 supper, and it's my night to make dinner (we alternate nights).

8. I'm happy because driving through the city streets today there's a whole different feeling, even though there was a scattering of snow.  It's spring, and people are walking with a happy, if very cold, attitude. I even saw one fellow running in shorts at 2 below zero. 

9. I'm happy that I've learned how to be happy, and am
 still learning, and think I will learn more and more for the
 rest of my life. And I'm grateful for all that you've
 taught me on the subject.

10.  I'm happy that we have a wonderful TV show that we're going to watch together tonight.

Have a loving your life day. Happy International Day of Happiness.
The happiest country in the world -- Finland.  Canada dropped to 15th happiest
country in the world this year. And I love living here. 

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Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

I did miss the International Day of Happiness. My son once gave me a little book on reasons to be happy. When I a, down I open the book to remind myself how small things everyday do make me happy. And your blog post is like that for me. Thank you 😊❣️❣️❣️❣️

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