Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Angel


If you're reading this between 8 and 9 p.m.
wherever you are, watch out because the
light/appliance police might come and get you.
It would be nice if governments cared as much about the
earth as we the people do. I'd like to see an end to nuclear
power, an end to mercury filled "alternative" bandaid
lightbulbs, and the associated piles of mercury tailings in
places like China. I'd like to see Hummers outlawed, and
grants to help hybrid cars become cheaper and safer. I'd
like to see stores like Loblaws (Atlantic Superstore)
really go green and all organic.

As an artist I know that my work tries
to beautify the planet. I compost, I recycle.
I do most of my dishwashing and clothes
washing late at night. In summer I use the clothesline to dry
most of my laundry. I've owned some of my clothing
for more than 20 years. I buy as many antiques as I can
afford. But I also know that all of our efforts count for
nothing if wars continue to pollute land, water and air.

I think I'll turn out my lights and look to the stars for
the answers. I just wish there were more environmental
stars down here. Then we wouldn't need an "earth hour."
Meanwhile I'll snuggle in with my earth angels here at
home and just be happy I can turn those lovely lights
back on when it's over. There are many countries in the
world who only have electricity between certain hours of
the day -- every day.

Stop. Isn't this supposed to be about art? Yes. But light
is art.
The picture is of Christopher on his 21st birthday. It's
one of the few night shots I have.

Have a dark and cheerful night.

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