Thursday, March 27, 2008

Next up?

I hurried home from school today
because I thought I had a portrait
client coming. So I vacuumed and
washed the kitchen floor and the hall
floor as fast as I could. I had my
lunch, tidied the studio -- put
out my paint and 2 o'clock rolled
around and... Nothing. I double checked my agenda and wrong week. Whew!
Because we're having another
little opening "meet the artists" tomorrow before
we take the show down and now I can bake cookies,
buy flowers, make calls, get fruit, pack up and be ready.

Here's another painting of a mother I admire. She fits
nicely into my Dance series. I like the ironic touch and
pop of colour from the book. She looks like she's
saying, "Oh are we ready to go now? I was just reading."
Like me, Ann is always reading unless it's time to get
active. I just hope she's writing too.

Meanwhile the painting I'm working on now does call
me -- and the lush colours sitting in my egg cartons.
I just got Bob Burridge's newsletter today, which has a
great idea on how to store large quantities of paint.
I'll let him tell you. Check out Bob Burridge
and sign up for his newsletter at:

Have an bountiful day.

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