Sunday, March 23, 2008

No rest for the bunny

Hi everyone,

We had a wonderful Easter meal with Christopher and Megan and
Sam. Then we had the hunt, which was pretty funny. Steven and
I were so tired that we just left huge clusters of eggs all over the main
floor out in the open. Some were hidden, but it was pretty easy to get an impressive stash. We have to be really careful because of the dog. She once got very sick eating Christopher's chocolate.

On a sad note, my friend's mother died this morning.
She'd been quite sick for about a week, but had such
a strong personality that I was hoping she'd pull through
on will alone. I've been thinking of her all day as we went
through our family rituals -- silly as they may be. She
was such a presence in her family -- at every party,
giving kisses to her daughters and grandchildren. She always
cared about her appearance, and would be wearing a dress,
and maybe a special pin, and earrings. As she lived in the
neighbourhood I saw her more often than I've been able to
see my own mother in recent years. These mothers matter --
the mothers of friends. They are in a way shared, as we all
are in all of our motherly, or fatherly roles. I better go and work.
School is on again tomorrow.

Have a loving day.

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