Saturday, August 1, 2009

The school of blog

Steven and our student, Sam at the Thai restaurant
black marker on bond paper
8 1/2 x 11 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009
(Sam was drinking a beer, and the hand
was blurry. He looks serious the way
many students do when a new school
year is almost here.)
Whenever August rolls around I start to think about my
students and look forward to seeing their faces again.
There are the new ones some of who will regard my enthusiasm
with suspicion, and be reluctant to listen to what
I have to say for a week or two, and the ones from
previous semesters, most of who will run up to me
and ask for a hug and shout out my name in the
parking lot and hallways. The most exciting thing
is hearing their success stories.

One former student of mine works in a nearby store
and always hugs me when I see him in the food aisles.
He finished his college work and is working two
jobs saving to go to university. He wants to be a social
worker for seniors and is the nicest young man.

Speaking of stores, all across the country now, and
probably all across the continent stores are packed
with back to school stuff -- the lined paper that goes
into the binders, cool calculators and back to school

My students have taught me that the most important
thing I can tell the student in my house is that I love
him and believe in him. School -- especially post-secondary
school is such a privilege, that everyone of us who
gets to participate in any way, whether as a student,
teacher, or parent footing the bill, or administrator,
or government giving out grants -- we are lucky.
In many countries not everyone gets to have the
experience. And that experience is enriching beyond

How does this relate to art? I hold the words, gestures,
images and philosophy of every excellent teacher I
ever encountered in my mind. I am still inspired,
directed, comforted, encouraged and moved by
what they taught me years after my courses with
them. So they actually have a huge impact on my
art and thinking -- and are a chorus working along
with my major teachers now -- the school of blog.

Have an enjoying-learning-and-teaching day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, Yes we should all feel lucky to be able to have the choice of post-secondary school here in Canada. Thanks for reminding me of this. Your sketch 'captures the moment' well.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Thanks so much. Have a super time in Nova Scotia.

By the way the Tapas restaurant in your town is excellent.

Take Care,


eldon warren said...

"The school of blog." A term I intend to use from now on. Because you're correct. It's school and it learning and it's a place to meet new fiends and old friends alike. We've about become old friends I think. Thanks for all you've shown me.

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