Saturday, December 26, 2009

A super show

Friends Waiting
One of my paintings in the Arta Gallery show

My friend Timbah the cat stayed home
mesmerized by the tree

While I was in Florence, a wonderful artist friend of mine,
Carolyn Megill put together a show Light of Winter at the
Arta Gallery in the Distillery area in Toronto. The Distillery was
just that and was falling into disrepair until the city decided to
redevelop and renovate it in 2001. Now the former factory
area is a prestigious shopping, gallery and tourist destination,
with a lovely 19th century feel, cobbled paths between the buildings,
and warm old, red brick exteriors.

One of Carolyn Megill's magnificent abstracts

I saw pictures of the show on the gallery website, but today my
friend and photographer Josephine Pica and I went down
to the gallery so I could see what I'd been missing while I was
in Florence. I was blown away. Arta Gallery is a spectacular
gallery space, and every piece of work in the show is fabulous.
I just walked around going "Wow, wow, wow!" Carolyn Megill,
herself, has two large glorious abstracts in the exhibition. My
artist friends, Josephine, Jennifer Hinrichs, who had work in
the Florence Biennale, and Gill Cameron all had work in the show.

Josephine Pica exhibited three black and white
photos of frozen waves on the Toronto shoreline

One of Jennifer Hinrich's series of
children at play

Gill Cameron's watercolors -- Tuscany
and northern Ontario

Forgive the quality of my photos. I wanted to record my friends' work, but
I was dazzled by all the work, and not really concentrating when I took these
shots. I think there were 30 artists in the show -- so it's huge. The show
comes down tomorrow, so I'm so delighted that I got to see it complete.
I felt extremely proud to be showing with this group of artists.

Have a happy-to-be-included day


Don Coker said...

Barbara, I love the vitality of the portrait at the top. Also, thank you for sharing that lovely abstract by your friend.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Don,

Thanks very much. I worked on the photo of the abstract a bit after seeing it again today, but it still is a long way from the beauty of the original.

Take care,


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