Saturday, January 2, 2010

Celebrations and dreams

Back road lookout in San Gimignano.

Tomorrow (or today) as we're past the midnight hour
is going to be a second Christmas for us. We've bought
presents for our son Christopher and Megan, his fiancée.
So we will have another day of celebration and then
the year proper will begin.

Steven and I talked tonight about why the Florence
visit is sticking in our thoughts and hearts so deeply,
when we were in Europe for two weeks in 2006
with none of the same after shocks. I think it may
be that Italy was so sympatico. Plus he explains that
we were two whole weeks in Florence, that I had a
job to do, that we met wonderful people, and
had our own apartment, and lived in a neighbourhood.

He has just let me upload pictures from his excellent
camera. So I thought I'd post some of them over
the next few weeks. Tonight's is a view over
the Tuscan countryside from a lookout in San Gimignano.
This was a 11th century Tuscan town we visited on our
last day in Italy.

Merry Christmas times two!

Have a loving-every-chance-to-celebrate day.


susan hong-sammons said...

enjoyed reading your comments regarding Florence. It was one of my best trips too. miss it. Thanks for sharing your picture

LeSan said...

We celebrate Christmas twice around here also though on a regular basis. I guess we're greedy. hehe. I can understand why this trip would be much stronger with you this time around. You had a chance to really "live" there and not just visit. You enjoyed a tremendous blessing in that.

eldon warren said...

wow!! What a view. Somewhere in the back of my plan head I want to go to Florence and take my paint. Thanks for taking us all with you. I feel like I'd like to go back as well.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

I'm glad you understand. My husband and I could probably go on and on describing what we loved for a year or so, but it's time to be here now!

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi LeSan,

Both Christmases were lovely, but it was so nice at the second one to have my whole family together, both boys,
my daughter-in-law to be, and my son's friend.

We did enjoy a fabulous blessing in Florence, and it's like an incredibly powerful poem. Deeply moving.

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

You are right. It would be great to take paint, and rent a car (which would be pretty crazy), and head out into the countryside. Maybe Bob Burridge will do another Tuscany trip. He seems like great fun, and you would indeed paint.

Take care and Happy New Year,


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