Thursday, January 7, 2010

A super afternoon

Skype Sketch of Sam
charcoal pencil on bond paper
6 x 9 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010

See! I told you life goes on being exciting after
the holidays are over. Today I was invited to eat
lunch with a friend and client. The meal was to
be English in honour of their British artist friend.
It was Shepherd's Pie -- a dish I'll confess
that I love. So I appeared at the door and was
ushered in to sit by the fire and meet the artist
Peter Maher. Peter is as delightful a person as
my friend and her husband, I discovered.

My friend immediately showed me a lovely little
black and white book of drawings illustrating the ride
around his village in France that Peter takes every
day on his bike. And I hauled out the book of my
work that I had printed to take to the Florence
Biennale. Then lunch was served. Another artist
friend dropped in. Both the meal and the conversation
were hearty, and we retired to the brilliantly sunlit
sunroom for espresso and tea with cookies,
a fitting ending to a great lunch.

At home I was joined by another friend for more
entertaining talk about 2010 plans, and after supper
did this sketch of Sam from a Skype photo I took
last fall. Yes it's a Skype Sketch by your famous --
or infamous Skype Sketcher.

Have a yes-I'd-love-to-come-to-lunch day.


Liza Hirst said...

Sounds like a perfect day, Barbara!! (I am nearly a bit jealous...)
Love, Liza

Barbara Muir said...

It was Liza,

No you're not jealous! You are living in paradise.



Melinda said...

Sounds great, Barbara! You prove that life goes on and is full of good things, happy surprises.

This is a lovely sketch, by the way. I can see your good looks in Sam's face!

Wish I could have you over for some green corn tamales, mesquite meal tortillas, Anasazi beans, rice and a glass of refreshing prickly pear juice in sparkling water. Ah, well. Someday.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

That does sound like an amazing meal! Yes someday soon. Steven made a huge batch of chile yesterday and we had it again today (natch). We do seem to be on a bit of a Mexican, or New Mexican, or Arizonian theme. It's odd that food from such a hot climate is perfect food for the big chill. Right now it is one cold day. I'm glad you like my sketch of Sam. He has his father's good looks I think.


Edgar said...

That was quite a full and fulfilling day, Barbara! It sounded replete in every respect. Hope you take some time and have many more this year.

Love the sketch: a face both sensitive and amused.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Edgar,

Today has been another incredible day. Now if I could just stay home from work and "social network" I'd be a happy puppy. Oh wait. I am a happy puppy. Hmmmm.

Please blog again. Your work is so good.

Take care,


cohen labelle said...

Barbara you know this young man’s beautiful face like the back of your hand – it shows, it shows – he is your son after all! For that reason it’s always worthwhile to paint or sculpt the people we’re close to.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Marcia,

I do know this fellow. I wouldn't say like the back of my hand. His face always surprises me. And he does too. When they are growing up you fold them into your routine, and every now and then get a jolt realizing that they've changed and grown. Still true.

Thanks for the sweet thought.


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