Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow again! -- Be happy

 Steven took this photo earlier this winter after
a fresh snowfall.  Note that the street has seen
no traffic in this shot.

I woke up this morning to see the new spring
covered with snow.  I know -- it's predictable
at this time of year that nature will give us
one last reminder of winter.  Her thinking is
that experiencing the cold, ice, bad traffic will
make us appreciate the new buds on the trees,
the first flowers I saw a couple of days ago,
and understand just how fantastic spring is.

So...I accept the challenge.

Why snow is great:
1. It sound proofs the city -- a blanket of
snow really does work like a blanket to
muffle the sounds of traffic.

2. It looks beautiful -- snow  covers the
brown grass, the bits of garbage winter's
produced, and makes the whole world fresh.

3. The cold air is supposed to make us happier
than warm air, which is why I'm writing this list.

4. It produces generous feelings, with neighbours
cleaning one another's walks out of a crazy urge
to be kind.

5. Children love it.  Little children love to play
in it, so the park will be filled with toboggans
after school today.

6. Dogs love it almost more than food.  My dog will
be over the top with joy today.

7. Skiers love it.  In the past two snowfalls I've
had to move out of the way in a city park for a cross
country skier.

8. Plants love it.  The blanket that keeps out the
noise of a 5 million plus city, also brings more
concentrated added moisture to the garden and

9.  I don't have to put away my winter coat -- yet,
which means I don't have to figure out what to
wear -- it's back into the winter uniform.

10. When you get home from a terrifying journey
through snow, your house and the ordinary things in
it look amazing.

I may not post a painting tonight.  My Steven is home
after 11 days away, and I plan to watch a movie with

Have a taking-care-of-yourself-and-the-planet day.

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