Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hurry! Buy a lottery ticket!


 Apples on a fancy dish
watercolour on Arches 
watercolour paper
with black marker
12 x 14 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009
I was going to publish something quite different
tonight, but I will perhaps be more serious tomorrow.
Meanwhile, why should you get a lottery ticket?  No.
Why should you run, or race to your nearest lottery
outlet?  I'll tell you.  My apple tree, which normally
produces about enough apples for one pie, or maybe
8 - 10 apples, is heavily laden with fruit this year.
The whole world has gone topsy-turvy in the fruit-in-
the-backyard world.  We had no cherries, and usually
are begging neighbours to come and pick them, and
the apple tree, is dropping apples on the entire yard.
The poppies don't stand a chance.

But how incredibly lovely.  They are cooking apples,
and tonight I produced a batch (small -- the apples
are organic, which means a lot of cutting out of not
great bits) of applesauce, and had a bowl of it before
I rushed up here to tell you. 

So get your ticket.  Now if possible.

The painting today is a little watercolour I did in 2009.

It is of our tiny apples when they're green.  Usually we
get a nice bowl of  huge yellow apples, but as I said this year
...I know it's hot.  But jump in the car, or get on your bike.
Go get your ticket.

Have an-enjoying-the-fruits-of-the-earth day.


Kim Rempel said...

Oh, your painting is so lovely and fresh! Homemade applesauce...yummm ; ) Happy produce!

cohen labelle said...

What a lovely glow of green apples on a beautiful plate! - I sense a glowing smile of approval from your William Morris gene. And so thoughtful of the cherries to step aside for the apples this summer.
love, Marcia

Melinda said...

Wowza!! Gee whiz, I love, love, love your "Apples on a Fancy Dish" painting.

They dazzle. They glow. I'll bet they were delicious (mouth watering here).

Okay. You've convinced me. I'll buy a lottery soon as the sun goes down!

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Delightful water color! I love the glowing colors, and bright feeling!

eldon warren said...

Very delicate Barbara. I really like this one.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for reminding me. I think I'll have some right now while I finish a portrait I'm working on.

Love your work.

Wish you were dropping by and I could give you apple pie, maybe we'll do the pumpkin pie thing later in the year.

XO Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Marcia,

I felt a bit sad about the cherries, because cherry pie is my favorite, but my athletic aspirations are happy,
because I will never eat as much apple pie.

I love this painting too -- from the vault.



Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Good idea. One of us has to win the darn lottery, so we can change the world a bit. Not that we aren't already. I'm glad you like this little watercolour sketch. The tree does make me happy.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks so much. Yes this one is a happy and vibrant one. So glad that you like it.

XO Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

Thanks so much. It's one from the vault, back when a daily entry was my only thought.

Your friend in Toronto,


Flora Doehler said...

The painting is lovely Barbara.
Funny thing is that cherries did really poorly out here in Nova Scotia too. We barely had any on our 2 old trees, but the apple trees are laden. It must be a country wide phenomenon this year. I wonder why.
Were the apples still green and sour when you used them? I have lots of those. Can I make something with them already?

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