Monday, April 30, 2012

Out on the highway to Windsor (again!)

Making magic in Montreal
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2012
The schedule for the past week has been way crazy.
Finishing two decent size paintings would be plenty
most of the time, but on top of that it was end of
term, a slog of marking, and marking and marking,
and then a trip to Windsor a week ago to see wonderful
Sam's acting.  Then, more painting, the marks meeting,
getting the paintings to the shipper to be packed on Saturday
morning, and heading out to Windsor again!  Steven got
off the plane from Montreal at 11:30 Friday night, and came
 home to work until two a.m.  So thank goodness that our son
Christopher helped, driving us all the way to Windsor
on Saturday. No sane person would even attempt this
crazy drive two weeks in a row, but spoiler alert, parents
aren't sane people.

And despite a level of fatigue I can hardly describe, we
had so much fun.  At London, we got off the main highway
and drove along Lake Erie again.  Every now and then we'd
get behind someone creaking along at 40 clicks (24 miles
an hour) and Christopher would groan.  But most of the
time it was beautiful.
Cherry blossoms (I think.  Correct me if I'm  wrong.)  When I was
taking this shot, a farmer drove by on his tractor and gave me
a thumbs up sign.  It would be lovely to live with this beauty.

Today I'm showing you the final version of my second
painting for New York -- flying out today.  Visualizing
good weather and a smooth delivery.  The  young woman
in the painting loves to travel, and lived and worked in
Australia last year.  She has a degree in Neurobiology, and
is heading back to Montreal (a city she loves) to work in
a professor's lab at McGill, to earn the money for her
Masters, and then her doctorate.  Travel is the theme for
my three pieces going to New York.

Steven looks out over Lake Erie on a high cliff.

Wild strawberry flowers by the Lake.
Have an enjoying-the-journey day.


cohen labelle said...

What a grueling schedule! I know I could never keep up a fraction of your pace. Thank goodness Christopher was free to drive you to Windsor.
Now with all your loose ends tied up one assumes you'll have a moment to relax and savour the reward at the end of the rainbow - i.e. your opening in NY and lovely visits to MOMA!
love, Marcia

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Marcia,

But I know that you keep up my pace and more drawing and painting like a miracle -- biking, swimming, hiking out to the country to paint plein air in all weather -- and that means winter! Plus cooking like a dream and being a fantastic wife and mother, and friend. The moment to relax hasn't happened yet, but it will true in just over a week. Can't wait. Oh of course first there is hair, and dress and yeesh!

Thank you.


(Hey where's the upper case) Barbara

Linny D. Vine said...

She's beautiful - your painting!!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks so much Linny. I know your show will go well. Awesome work.

XO Barbara

Kim Rempel said...

Oh...I LOVE this painting. What a face - what an expression! I've been so behind on my blog visits. Good luck in NEW YORK!!!! You will rock it : ))

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

It looks pretty great at the gallery. I got great reactions to it tonight. The opening was so much fun.

Just loved it.

XO Barbara

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