Saturday, May 5, 2012

Giving support -- You know you're the best

 Love on the High Line
(One of my entries in the contest with the link below)
36 x 48 inches
Barbara Muir © 2012
I am signed up for a contest to have my work shone on a billboard in
Times Square.  This is a separate show, and nothing to do with my
gallery in Chelsea, New York.  It's a fun contest, and I would love to
go.  If six of you have 10 friends, or 10 of you have six friends who you
can send to the web site to click on the collect button I am in.  I'd
also ask you to do this for my friend, Melinda Esparza who told me
about the contest and Flora Doehler.  You don't have to actually collect
my art, or pay anything to click on collect, but it would really give
me a charge to see my work shining in Times Square -- which I have
 got to say I visit each time I go to New York City, and I do
 love the place. Here's the link:

I know I have bothered you about this on Facebook,
but I am psyched about it.  I'm assuming that if an artist is
chosen the organizers will ask for a higher resolution image
of the artist's work.  Because at the moment the site only accepts
 a very low res picture.  If you do collect me, please let me know,
 and email me with your address, and then I'll email you
 back a thank you.

Thanking you in advance.  You already know you rock.

Your artist forever


P.S. A friend gave me tickets to a wonderful Sci-Fi symphony concert
at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto the other day.  I took my son Sam,
newly home from university, and we loved it so much.  Interspersed
with outstanding scores from Star Wars, Star Trek, Close Encounters
of the Third Kind, The Twilight Zone, and other Sci-Fi themed work
the conductor held a contest for a light saber, and talked about the
wonderful composers who created the music.
Sam took a picture of me with this Star Trooper from Star Wars
but was too shy to let me take his picture -- a lady volunteered
to take a picture of both of us with the cool Star Trooper, but
she couldn't see the buttons to snap the picture.  


Melinda said...

You're a sweetheart! I've clicked and collected you and hope you get shown.

Thank you for the mention. :-)

Love the photo of you with the stormtrooper, but I am concerned with the angle of that weapon!

Best wishes as you travel and enjoy the City.

Barbara Muir said...

You are funny, actually the gun was so long that it probably went right past me, and would have hit the next person waiting smiling for a photo. But hey it's Canada, it wasn't real.
Hope you get shown in NYC, and that we meet there very soon.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Barbara

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