Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The most sensual meal?

 Yes! Breakfast is best
Acrylic on birch panel
6 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
Breakfast has to be one of the most sensual
meals possible -- and served in an excellent
hotel, as room service.  Please!  The best.

This iconic meal has been the source of some
of my favorite paintings.  No I am not the
bacon and eggs type, but it's impossible not
to be pulled in by the lure of this gorgeous
looking fare.  I love china -- including hotel
china, and silverware, and good cloth napkins.

The hotel in Quebec City that provided the
inspiration for this little work in progress,
knows how to serve a breakfast.  And as
tempting as the views of old Quebec are
out the window, this kind of meal makes
you want to linger in the room a little longer.

I am not quite finished with this one.  But I am
also not far off, which is a happy thought on
this coooold day near the end of January.

Have an enjoying-breakfast-whenever day.


Linda Popple said...

Happy breakfast and happy painting! :)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks so much. I am having a happy time painting. Love your work.


cohen labelle said...

To me this is pure comfort food. Great style! Looks delicioso - your painting is making me hungry.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Marcia,

It will become even more delicious when I finish it. Can't wait to show you that. Yes it is. My guy has to have this meal when we order room service for breakfast, but in Quebec this is not at all like fast food -- it's delicious!!!



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