Saturday, April 9, 2016

Missed blogging Anniversary and passed the 250,000 hits point!

At the dance
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 inches
Barbara Muir © 2008
(Part of my Dance series.)  I used
the Dance as a metaphor, and most
of the paintings were of young women
and men dressed for Prom -- called
"Before the dance"  because they were
on the edge of a new life beginning.
This portrait of my husband, Steven
was called "At the dance" because he
was and is, right in the thick of things.
That's why he was a reluctant sitter.
You can see he has lots on his mind
and has to get going!

My dear friends,  every year I think -- this is for sure the
busiest year ever.  But this past year takes the cake!
I've been in 6 shows since October, and one of those
was the Florence Biennale in Florence, Italy.  I have
3 shows coming up at the end of the month and am
painting like crazy.  And whew I missed
my blogging anniversary again.  Sorry.

I'd been blogging for 8 years on February 18.  That
date is so close to Valentine's Day, that I am frequently
in a swirl of hearts, cards, and flowers for about
a week afterwards, and this year we had a little
family party the weekend after Valentine's Day.

Plus I have crossed the 250, 000 hits mark on my
blog, and that makes me happy too.  Thanks to
everyone of you, who come to my shows, buy
my work, and support me with your kind
comments on my blog.  You mean the world
to me, and you keep me going in this strange,
 fascinating, and miraculous job of being an

 More work from 2008
Much love to all of you.  You know I am your
biggest fan.

Have a happy-in-your-life day.


Unknown said...

hey Barbara, This is a poignant painting of Stephen, it does look like he is a little reluctant to sit, but kudo's to him for giving you the opportunity to capture the moment. The idea of 'Before the Dance' referring metaphorically to life's challenges is a good one for a body of work! Wishing you both good vibes and bright days ahead. xo

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

It was a great metaphor and I did a lot of paintings in that series. Thank you so much. Yes I am grateful to him for posing.
I didn't realize when I was painting it that it caught his restless spirit at the time. That makes me happy all these years later.
Good vibes and wonderful days ahead to you two too.


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