Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Shake it, shake it -- art is moving and shaking all over the planet!

The Beautiful Etana Cain with her portrait 
now wending its way to New York City.
Photo by Marieke Johanne
I do believe Etana will
be Prime Minister of Canada one day.
And she will make a great one.
Okay so my own art just showed in a beautiful gallery in
the Wychwood Barns in my Toronto neighbourhood.
But no sooner was the show down, than two pieces went
over to the Super Wonder Gallery, to be with a third
painting for the Reversion show that opens this Friday.
And -- and it's a big and, Monday my two paintings of
the women against the imaginary ocean scenes,
Wonder Water Image #5 and #6 got packed up to
head out to New York City with the large ocean
cloud landscape that went to the Florence Biennale
last year!  Wow!

Sometimes -- no often -- it feels like the work has a life
of its own, and it's taking me with it!  I do love that.
So I followed it to the magnificent show at Super
Wonder Gallery which opens his Friday night, April 29,
with stunning pieces from some of the best figurative artists
in the city, the country, the continent. (Pieces came up
from the U.S.A. to be in the show).

And I will follow my big installation to New York City
in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait.

I love this art community -- the wonderful artists who
are from all over the planet who admire my work, and
whose work I admire to the max -- make this a great
profession to follow.  So shake it, shake it.

Have a loving-your-life day.

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