Wednesday, April 6, 2016

You do have time!

Wonder Water series -- just back from
the Florence Biennale, 
heading out to New York City.

I hover on the edge of never wanting to post anything but
my best work, and wanting to keep in touch with
my blog friends while I'm creating something new.
This is a wildly busy month with two shows at the end of
the month, and one coming up in May.  I am painting like crazy,
but don't want to show you unfinished work.  Plus I'm
teaching. But I'm also listening to Mike Dooley, who writes
the Notes from the Universe, to help myself calm down in my
travels around town.  One of Mike's affirmations is,
"You do have time!"  I am well aware that we program
ourselves constantly, and I hit on that one today.  That's
why I'm here tonight writing you.

Today I'm showing you the combo of paintings called
the Wonder Water Series that went to Florence, Italy,
via Vienna, and returned recently in perfect condition.
That is always a worry when work travels.

These paintings have just come home for a brief visit, and the
portraits will go in a show I'm in Painting Passions,
with Gill Cameron, opening at the Wychwood Barns,
on April 22, and running to April 24.  Then those two
portraits will combo up again with the landscape and head off to
New York City, where they'll show for a month at
the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea, NYC,
opening on May 14th.  More about both shows next

Meanwhile I wanted to tell you about a wonderful
thing my late night self ordered -- the Sketchbox.
What a treat in a high pressure month, to get this
present (from myself) in the mail.  I sat down
immediately and did a fast drawing of some
pansies.  Following the lead of Danny Gregory
who sketches everything.

Pansies in April
Ink, marker, watercolour, watercolour crayons
8 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2016 

It's a quick sketch, but I used the bright red ink,
the green marker, the black line drawing markers,
the white resist paint, plus my own watercolours
and watercolour crayons, oh and the lovely little
brush in the box just to try them out.   I was inspired
to try Sketchbox by Kim Van Der Hoek, a
wonderful painter, who posted a little video
on Facebook about it.  And I thought I'd show you
what came in mine this month. No I am not being
sponsored by Sketchbox -- right now it's snowing like
crazy in April, I think we could all use some fun!

Have an "you do have time" day.


Laurel Daniel said...

I hear you, friend!! Life is full! And yes, I decided that I also have time to drop in for a quick helloooo!! Good luck with your shows and traveling paintings.... And how fun is that beautiful box of goodies???? Stay the course! XOXOXO

Linda Popple said...

I can see your art on the box! Your paintings are bright and happy - amazing!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

I am going to go and review your tips, which are amazing. Yes I
will stay the course, and finishing teaching a course,
and paint my brains out (oh and my heart). Love, love,
love your work.

The box of goodies is lovely. It came at exactly the right time.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you. I won't be trying for it this month.
Swamped. In a good way -- lots going on, which
is good fortune manifesting right? Yes I think
so. Better go draw my image on the canvas, and
get painting.

I am loving your work so much.


Nancy B. Hartley said...

Thank you, Barbara, what a fun post! Just what I needed to see this morning. I am with you, feeling pulled in every direction, with deadlines all over the place, and many , many, WIP, calling me to the easel. Love the sketch box! Love your beautiful work, even more! Huge congrats on all of your upcoming , and current shows! Best wishes to you for getting it all done, and more! Btw, You remind me of "Wonder Woman", with all of your huge achievements, and beautiful work! You, go girl, go! XOXO

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Nancy. Boy I love your work! You really are Wonder Woman! I am in awe! Thanks for your kind wishes.
Some sage philosopher said that the only way out is through. In May I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to that! And to all the fun this month.

Thanks for the inspiration.


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