Friday, February 1, 2019

Raise a toast to February -- the month of love

Heart love to you from me.
Paintings © Barbara Muir
In preparation for February our city dressed up in a whopping
thick coat of snow.  It said -- "just look around Toronto!  It's the
end of January, you haven't had a speck of snow.  You look
tired and drab, and frankly not Canadian, and certainly not
Torontonian. I have a present for you." Drop.  Snow everywhere.
And then okay very cold weather -- but sunlight sparkling off the
snow.  Neighbours shoveling each other's walks.  City ploughs
helping my husband dig his car out (after a neighbour shoveled
the snow from his driveway all over my husband's car) (by accident
right?). People outside laughing about how cold it is, and inside
recovering and sharing coffee, tea, meals, drinks together.

And here it is.  The month of love. Twenty-eight days to think of
some way to be loving every day.  I love it.  It makes no sense that
I do, but my husband and I are hopeless romantics.  We are friends
of the symbol of the heart.  Tonight I hung the huge tissue paper
Peony heart on our kitchen door that I made years ago from
instructions in a Martha Stewart magazine.  My husband and I toasted
the month and each other with champagne at dinner.  And so it begins.

We usually go away sometime around Valentine's Day -- frequently
 to stay somewhere even colder than Toronto.  One year we were in
Montreal, where our beautiful hotel was connected to an underground
pathway to a mall, and we only ventured outside once in four
days,  (it was - 40 degrees celsius) -- to take a taxi ride to look at the sites.
We had so much fun!  But then Montrealers are romantic.  Very.

Happy first day of the Month of Love.


verna said...

Love!!! I love this post Barbara, I love your work and I love the Voice of Snow! hehee. I just love snow. I always think, "if it's going to be cold, at least give us beauty" right? Sunlight on snow, so beautiful. And those visual atmospheric effects when the temperatures drop and everything goes misty and indistinct, like we are all at sea...
I'm glad the city workers helped dig Steven's car out, and I'm glad you still have the a-la-Martha-Stewart heart, a very good thing to hang on your door.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

I love snow too, even though the ice underneath it can be deadly. My car now looks like it's in a very intensive
baby car seat, or special packaging for overseas. Only it's actually now in two high drifts at either end of the car. My
husband, who can drive a piece of equipment longer than a city block, is pretty good at navigating this tight
snow enclosure, but I am not. Still as long as it exists, no one is taking my parking spot on the street! Funny. I do love February.
Love love. It is gone so fast, and then you're in spring. Enjoy I say. Love your work.


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