Saturday, February 2, 2019

Take love on -- and celebrate

Reading with heart or
Reading in the kitchen
Acrylic on canvas
8 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010

I have been interested in studying happiness since
I learned about Louise Hay years ago.  There is a
constant push against happiness in society, as though
trying to be happy is a mistake, or something dreamed
up by advertisers.  Nope.  Take a look.  No push for
obsolete climate harming fuel, no huge SUVS, not even
toothpaste, or laundry detergent.  Happiness is
absolutely free.  You choose to have it, and it chooses
you.  Even people in desperate situations, in war, in
prisoner of war camps have made that decision, and
been happy.

If those brave people can do it, so can we.  And
as for love -- the theme of this month.  Love
definitely makes the world go 'round.  It is
the most fulfilling feeling.  And you don't need
a special other person to share love.  You just
need to be a loving being, and voila --there it is.
Love knocking on your door, asking to what?  Oh
no! -- make you happy.

So come on make some Valentine's hearts, make
some plans to treat the ones you love, call a friend,
call your family.  And a miraculous thing will happen.
Even if you are the worst skeptic, a doom and gloomer,
you will feel happy.  Walk with a happier step, smile
at the people in the grocery store line.  Improve the
planet's chances.  I thank you in advance.

Have a being loving and happy day.


Verna said...

Hey there Barbara, another lovely post! I like the links you included. Had no idea there was a pursuit-of-happiness organization. They even have an online "happiness habits" quiz. Apparently I am happier than I thought, haha!

Have a wonderful day!


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Verna! I often wonder why there is a societal push for unhappiness.
I think it may be because we buy more if we're down. Not sure. And now we're escaping
advertising, watching Netflix, and even deleting ads on our Facebook and Instagram -- so
there's a new thing where half way through any sweet video we're watching on either of those
two platforms an ad interrupts us. Hold on to happiness people. It is a good thing. And enjoy being loving.
Love your work.


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