Monday, May 27, 2019

No Internet! Not a good thing.

Pansies try perfection
Acrylic ink, watercolour and marker
in watercolour paper
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Barbara Muir © 2019

I am posting this for May 27, because I'm trying to post
every day.  But last night when I went to say something
a belligerent red light shone from my modem, telling me
to stop all activity because my efforts would be doomed.
No!  But alas that was that.

Luckily I had a real novel, some computer work to do that
didn't involve cyberspace, but so many things I enjoy
were just plain down.  This made me see not just how
dependent I am on the world wide web, but what I'd
be missing without it.

I love those brave people who say -- "Oh I don't do
Facebook, or Instagram, or read on the internet."  I think
they are lucky, and lead a charmed life, but that is not
me.  I do love seeing my friends from both here and
around the world, going to art shows, visiting gorgeous
cities and buildings, doing all kinds of great things,
helping the world in one way and another.  They make
me happy, and give me hope.

So here are the pansies you should have seen yesterday --
today.  More is coming in the way of art. It got so
hot yesterday I was sure my crop of flower models was
going to quit, but today is wet and colder, and they have
perked up and plan to hang on for maybe one more week.

Have a loving your day, day. 

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