Thursday, May 23, 2019

Support matters -- from the ground up!

My cards by the cash in the just opened
Gino's Shoe Repair store
3687 Bathurst Street in Toronto
When you walk into a business that has just moved and reopened days
ago, and see your business cards and show postcards
set up by the cash, you know that this shoemaker cares deeply
about your art. This may not mean much to you, but it touched me.
What does it have to do with art?  It is support, and small gestures
can lead to big sales.  When I say from the ground up, I mean this
man takes care of the shoes I walk in.  Literally the ground up.

Michael Rabinovich with my boots.
They will come back to me
better than new

The best shoemaker in Toronto (go ahead argue --I'm right)
used to be located on Marley.  Recently
the city's passion for condos, meant he had to move
when the building he was renting space in was sold
for future development.  And he has not even finished
moving in, but my cards are there right where he put
them at his old place, when I gave them to him promoting
different pieces.

He is the best of the best, (and has only balked at
fixing a pair of boots for me once in 15 years). So I got
his new address, and when my favourite boots fell apart last
week, I knew I had to find him.  I did today.  His name is
Michael Rabinovich, but he took over the business on
Marley from Gino, so kept the name.  And now that he's on
Bathurst street near Wilson, the name Gino's Show Repair

Have a noticing the kindness in your world day.


Candy said...

Barbara, this is a great story! To top it off, Michael Rabinovich has a great face, a cool name and you should paint him! Hugs to you and have a fabulous weekend!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks so much Candy. He does have a great face. I'm not doing portraits right now, but I will think about it.

Love your work!


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