Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Should, should, shoulda -- Back to work

The fields between
Acrylic on canvas
18 x 24 inches
Barbara Muir © 2018
(Currently on view at Catch
the Moments Gallery 4444 Queen St.
Niagara Falls. Check it out!) 
When I hear "you should," come flying out of my mouth,
I try to switch to "could." I realize that I really can't know
another person's reality.  In art there are constantly a lot
of shoulds.  Most are self-delivered.

So I make my lists, should, should, should, and cross them
off.  There are days (today could have been one of them),
when all I want to do is ignore every should that pings around my
head like a fly in the night.  But...it is time to take care
of all of the things that needed to be done while I was
on a very long car trip, a short and delicious stay, and a
very long car trip.  Thank you to all of the wonderful
people we met along the way. You are amazing. I did
start a painting -- in the very earliest stages.  But this painting
speaks to me of where I've just been -- out in the magnificent

And as it turned out I am joyously happy, which I "should
be", because I met our newest family member today.  So

18 days on the road, and we made it home last night.


Flora Doehler said...

This painting is so beautiful...I have always loved the light that glows through your work...kind of like your sparkling personality. How wonderful to have another child in the family...I hope she takes after her grandmother. <3

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

Thank you so much. You are so sweet. There's a hole in my heart where the Maritimes used to be. That's
what that painting fills up. And your incredible kindness, and wanting to paint. All good.


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