Friday, August 23, 2019

The last day in paradise

Wonder Water Image #5
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2015
We love it here.  If we ever did move to Nova Scotia
for good, this is where we'd settle.  Here where each
tree, each farmhouse, each field, the beach we love, and
every view of the ocean pulls at our heartstrings.

We have in the past 20+ years that we've been coming here
travelled the entire coast of the province, and nowhere else
feels like home to us.  Like a second home.  The entire
province is beautiful, and every place has its charms,
but this place is the one we love, and now it's time to

Someone we were talking to the other day said that
we should move out to Pugwash because we have a
group of friends here already, and we'd be happy.
On this visit to Nova Scotia one endearing quality
in almost everyone we met was that they love their
province, their towns, their homes.

I get it.  It is beyond magnificent.  It's time to go
back to our family, and work, and friends in our
community in Toronto.  We leave with so much
gratitude to everyone who has helped us,
entertained us, fed us, delighted us with laughter,
art and song.  It has been the best time ever.

The model for the painting above which went to
Florence, Italy, and New York was my son Sam's girlfriend,
Emily, who is a wonderful person and a talented
artist too. This portrait sold in New York City.
Emily is one of the people we look forward to seeing back
in Toronto.

Have a loving your home day.

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