Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A super night at the Heliconian

My painting Sky High Summer Joy
is featured in The Heliconian Club Yearbook
Last night was a big night at the Heliconian Club in Toronto.
The club is the oldest women's art club in Canada and is housed in an
extremely beautiful building downtown on Hazelton Avenue, that was
once a church. At the President's Reception the outgoing president, Mary
Perdue, welcomed the new club president Ruthia Pak Regis.
The new artists, dancers, writers, and musicians in residence were welcomed.
And the new members in the club in each area (Visual Arts, Music, Dance,
Literature and Humanities) were introduced, welcomed and each given a
beautiful rose.
Members enjoying the presentations sit under
the work from the Encounter show.  I loved
seeing them under the wall featuring my work and

I felt proud to be a new member of the Visual Arts section and
part of a group of amazingly talented women in every area of
the arts.  Spectacular.  Plus my work was featured in the Heliconian
Club Yearbook -- an incredible honour. I would have missed that completely
 if fellow artist, and new member, Faye Jordan hadn't pointed it out to me.

I met some of the artists in various fields and felt so happy
that I'd decided to join the club, and grateful to the women
who sponsored me.
The beautiful rose I received for
being a new member.
It was also a pleasure to have this lovely event going on in the
middle of our Encounter show, which was a delightful
backdrop to the evenings festivities.

Wonderful food was displayed beautifully in the center of the
club, and at the end of the festivities we were all offered
champagne to toast the new members and each other.
Jane Blackstone serves champagne.
How wonderful!
In other words a perfect night.

Have a supporting fellow artists day.


Flora said...

The group must be thrilled to have you. Look how your paintings radiate beauty and aliveness. Xo

Barbara Muir said...

Hey Flora,

Thank you very much. Thinking of you. I don't know if they're thrilled to have me,
but I have met a lot of wonderful and talented people there -- so I am super
happy about it. And the hanging committee are brilliant in my opinion. I have
that long lasting cold you've got. Mine was pneumonia and it is not completely gone --
just a persistent sore throat, and the feeling of not being 100%. Hang in and get better.
It's a bad one.


Verna Vogel said...

So good!!! Looks like a super fun evening, full of beauty and light, including yours!


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