Sunday, September 1, 2019

Make this cold go away!

Napping with the cat
Watercolour and marker 
on watercolour paper
9 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2013
I love this painting of Steven trying to recover from a cold with 
a cup of hot lemon, and the cat.  That has been my story today.

Still a deep frightening cough when it comes, and pain.  I want to
wave my wand, and be done with it.  

Have a staying healthy day.


Verna said...

Dear Barbara, I do hope you're over this awful cold soon.

I went back through your posts, and saw one about the "shoulds"... I myself should make another blog post! Soon, soon. Love reading yours, as always.


Candy said...

I hope you feel better soon, Barbara. I like the painting of Steven, too. Hugs from Las Vegas!

Barbara Muir said...

Dear Verna,

Maybe your waved your magic wand, I don't know, but today I am infinitely better.
Last night was pure hell, maybe it was the storm before the sunrise, I don't know.

Anyway. I am 95% better, and had a lovely day!


P.S. The should was to remind me not to do that to myself, because I am violently
allergic to other people shoulding me. Even with the best of intentions.

Barbara Muir said...

Candy thank you so much. I think your good wishes have permeated my
nasty cold, and sent it packing. Not completely. It left one of two
mementos behind, but it is virtually gone. Antibiotics. What can
I say.

Love your work,


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