Thursday, May 21, 2020

Life influencing artists -- Janet Vanderhoof

So As Above, So As Below
Cold wax and oil on board,
12 x 12 inches
Janet Vanderhoof © 2020

Napa morning
Oil pastel on Fabriano paper
8 x 8 inches
Janet Vanderhoof © 2018
(Janet is one of the few artists
I know who can make an 
8 x 8 inch painting look 
 huge because it holds 
so much power.)

I don't even remember how I found Janet Vanderhoof's
work, but I know I was attracted immediately to
her beautiful California landscapes.  I've been following
her work for quite a while now.  And I love all of it.
I love how she keeps experimenting and trying new
things, new media.  I love her colours, her use of paint.
She is soooo good.

A couple of years ago (correct me if this is wrong Janet)
she got me meditating.  She invited me into a month
long challenge where we told one another that we had
meditated each day. We ended up continuing for much longer
than a month. I used YouTube meditation videos -- some very short --
as short as five minutes.  But even the shortest ones left
me feeling so much calmer, and ready to enjoy and handle
whatever was happening.  That practice was definitely
a gift to me.

Now is certainly the perfect time for a short daily meditation.
But that's not all that Janet has done for me.  She also posts daily
blessings on Facebook. Her blessings are so kind, and upbeat
that I love them. Some are about having the courage to be
creative. I read them, and notice that they frequently change
what I was thinking, and set the day along a different, better path.

So I raise a glass to Janet for her beautiful work, her
positive impact on my life and art, and her lovely
daily blessings.

Have a loving the people in your life day.


Janet Vanderhoof said...

Thank you sweet Barbara for your generosity. I really appreciate your thoughts and friendship. I am so glad you didn't stop meditating. It really makes a difference right? Thank you again xoxo

laura said...

Beautiful work, such strong color!

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Janet for your generosity -- making beautiful art, and writing daily blessings.
I'm still meditating. Sometimes it might be a matter of a few minutes concentrating
on breathing, sometimes a longer video one. Yes. I think right now positive thinking, and
meditation are saving me, and people like you with your gorgeous art.


Barbara Muir said...

Laura thank you so much,

Yes her work is beautiful -- like yours.


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