Monday, May 25, 2020

Missing New York -- and a video from Wendy Barrett

Here I am with Wendy Barrett
in New York City in 2016.
Check out her book
a great read for artists.  And
watch her video below.
New York to me is the city of possibilities.  Wonderful and
exciting things are always happening there.  Four years ago
in May 2016 I met the wonderful, and kind artist Wendy Barrett there.
We had dinner with her when I was exhibiting part of my ocean series
at The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery.
This photo sums up my joy at being in New York every time.  But this was
May, 2016. The space was in the same building as the 
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery and was a gorgeous
gallery space.  At the time it made Steven
and me think of my Toronto curator, and friend Daniel Anaka,
and how much he would enjoy New York.
Back to Wendy who is adventurous and came to the U.S. on her own,
visiting different places including New York.  We met through the blog
world and were so delighted to meet in person.

So I wanted to share this fantastic video
that Wendy just put out about the wonders of
painting challenges, and her book on the subject.
Wendy Barrett's new video about getting back to painting.

I hope that when travel is allowed again Wendy will
come to Canada and Toronto, and we can meet.
Thank you Wendy for the lovely time we had in
New York, and this video.

Have an enjoying your artist friends day.

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