Thursday, February 11, 2021

Missing the Louvre in the Month of Love


The Louvre and a
woman posing as a
sculpture in Paris

Barbara Muir © 2015

This photo of the Louvre is so nostalgic for me. Do you see the woman standing like
a statue on a platform? The Louvre is one of the most famous art museums in the world,
and they do cool things, like leave sculpture plinths out for visitors to pose on. I met and
photographed this family, and they were so much fun. The whole neighbourhood where the 
Louvre is, is so alive — so much going on. You cross the Pont des Arts over the Seine 
and you are in an area packed with cafés, restaurants, charming stores, and galleries.

The woman who posed
on the plinth at the
Louvre (center)
with her family.
Barbara Muir © 2015 

We’ve stayed in a lovely apartment hotel in Paris both times that I exhibited in the Carousel 
Du Louvre, in the basement of the Louvre. I was thinking about that show today — the last
time I exhibited there was in 2016. And that was the last time I saw one of my best friends, the
wonderful artist Miranda Brouwers, who I talk to on the phone every Thursday. Wow we had
a wonderful time. 

The Louvre
Barbara Muir © 2016

Of course these memories are especially precious today, when we can’t know when travel 
will be possible again. Until then — 3 cheers for the Louvre, 3 cheers for Paris, and 3 cheers
the kind art directors at E editore in Rome, Italy for making that show in Paris affordable,
transporting my 
work from Italy to Paris, and shipping it home to me where it sold! 

Have a loving your happy life stories day!


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

So want to travel again !
You have participated in some also e exhibitions❣️

Barbara Muir said...

I do too Evelyn. Yes E Editore, an Italian group arranged
both of the shows I was in at the Louvre in Paris.
They are wonderful.


Jim Courtney said...

During a conference I attended in Paris a friend and I walked along the entire back side of the Louvre going from a reception at the marvellous Paris Hotel de Ville (an art gallery in its own way) to an event party somewhere across the street from “behind” the Louvre. It was Avery chilly mid-December evening. I have visited the Louvre on other trips to Paris.

Barbara Muir said...

How wonderful Jim,

I have so many photos from our trips to Paris. In 2015 we visited twice. Once for me to show in June, and once on our way home from me showing in Florence,Italy in the fall. Behind the Louvre on one visit we saw a roller blade race. So strange but cool. I'm glad you've been to the Louvre, and Paris. It's a great city. I would love to go back.

Take care,


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