Sunday, February 21, 2021

Wanted — some happiness

At the edge of Lake Ontario
Barbara Muir © 2021

For everyone around the world going through hard times I  feel for you. Today
 I woke up determined to be happy. I taught positive psychology, and I follow
 many people who put great ideas about how to be happy online.

So before I even had my first coffee I declared to myself that, "this would be
the happiest day of my life. My life so far." As soon as I said it, and told
Steven that that was my plan, I did feel happy – it was like a miracle. 

We had a pretty normal Sunday except that we moved things around. It was
my idea to head out mid day to go to our favourite beach and see the geese,
swans and ducks. In lockdown and a pandemic it’s easy to sink into depression
 about all that’s missing. But on a good day I think about what's working. We
can be all by ourselves at the edge of the lake feeding the water birds. What a pleasure.

Then we sat in the car, ate delicious sandwiches looking out at the lake, and
drank the decaf coffee we brought with us. A few small clementines finished off
the wonderful lunch and we were on our back way back home and back to the
work we had to finish.

I’m hoping I’ll figure out how to post one of the videos I took of the birds – such
 a wonderful group -- busy today and very hungry.

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