Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Happy December

Prepping for the season
On the weekend we got this beautiful tree 🌲 from Mike Majeski, who is selling
Christmas trees to raise money for the Daily Bread Food bank. Clockwise 
from the left — Steven with the tree which is 4 feet higher than his 6 feet!
I mean!, Clementines — our winter sanity food. (They make you happy),
last year’s tree, the swans who were waiting for us to feed them after the tree
was delivered, the first snow fall in the backyard, and in the center Mike’s truck,
which I’m sure made everyone think we’re selling our house,
with the adorable delivery girl. We aren’t selling at all, but if we ever do Mike
would be the person we’d choose to help us.
Major thanks to Mike, Christopher and Alice. Great team.

Here we are on the first of December already getting a jump on the season thanks
to Mike Majeski. We are very grateful to Mike for his fantastic work for the Daily
Bread Food Bank.  

The tree is huge, the Clementines have become a year round snack during
COVID-19.  They calm us down. The decorated tree is last year's 
effort. We haven't brought the tree into the house yet.  Our excitement was added
to on the day we got the tree, because when we went to a park on the west end
of the city, the swans were back! We were so happy because we were worried
that they'd been harmed, and they were delighted to 
see us. We feed them good
bread, and the Queen's (Queen Elizabeth) swan 
manager says that's a good thing
to do. The first snow came at the end of November -- 
thank you universe.  No one
 here is in a rush to see snow, but it does feel right at this 
time of year. And in the
center is Mike's delivery truck, with his assistant Alice 
pointing to the name on the truck.  

It feels like this strange year has rushed by.  Thank you to everyone who made it
enjoyable despite all of our restrictions, which I gather will continue with this
new variant. Deep breath!  Stay safe.  We can get through this.  Together.
Please get vaccinated if you aren't already.  And Happy Holiday Season.

Have a loving your life day. 


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

How exciting to have your tree already and what a tall tree! Do you unwrap it while it waits to be brought in? We have had a live tree and this is its third year. I think it will be time to go in the ground after this year I agree the year has rushed by. Fingers crossed the new variant won’t be too disruptive. Stay safe and enjoy those clementines! (I had to look up the differences in mandarin oranges ��)

Jennifer Rose said...

thats am impressive tree to have to decorate :)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

Thank you so much. Yes it is unwrapped. Wow. A live tree! Exciting.Yes our fingers are crossed, and we'll all get the third doses. I just ate a clementine and am feeling very happy seeing your comment. Love your art.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Jennifer Rose,

Thank you. True indeed. Of course it will be trimmed a bit. We have got
a troop for decoration! So fun.


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