Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Two years online --- Thank you to my students

Some of my wonderful students
Marker on paper,
Charcoal on paper, and 
Acrylic on canvas
Barbara Muir ©

On March 9, 2020 I taught my last class in the classroom.  I was
told that week that I had one week to prepare to go online.
Tonight's post is dedicated to my students who have been so
patient with me, and my non-techy self as we held our classes, 
in what gradually became the normal way to do it.

I am so happy that our college decided not to go live, and to
stay online this term, as deaths from COVID are up to nearly 400
in the past month in Ontario since the government abandoned the 
vaccine passports, and mask mandates.  Many people are still following
the protocols, and being careful, and I thank them.

But tonight I'm here to thank my students -- the ones who had
to get through that second half of a semester when I was learning
how to do our course -- presentation and writing -- online two years
ago, and the ones who have stuck with me, learned from me, taught
me, and made living through this hard time a pleasure.  It's
hard to believe we've been doing virtual classes this long. We
meet on Zoom, we talk on the phone, we email, we do videos.
It helped that all of the Talk Show hosts were doing the same
thing, and many still are.

Some of the sketches tonight were done back when we were in
class and people were writing tests, some are from YouTube
presentations, and the painting is a close up from a portrait that
I did years ago, of a young woman who became my student last
year.  Surprises never end.

Have an appreciating your life day.


Jennifer Rose said...

the government here has extended mandatory mask wearing until the middle of April since numbers of people catching covid is sill pretty high, but even tho they are supposed to wear masks, a lot of people dont

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Jennifer Rose,

There is a combo here. I think the numbers are going up so fast because people are watching games in stadiums, and no one has to wear a mask. My prediction is that we will have to go back into Lockdown. That would be bad for the premier, who dropped all protocols because there's a provincial election in June.

Love your work.

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