Friday, June 24, 2022

Happy Anniversary Steven

Me and Steven on our
wedding day
(I had dark hair--yes)

More recently in Paris
Steven van Schaik ©

This will be short and sweet because it's our wedding anniversary.

We've had a wonderful day - sleeping in, reading, puttering around
the house.  We had a take out lunch, then a walk at one of
our favourite parks by the lake. 

Our flower store gave me peonies (one of my favourite flowers),
and Steven bought us a take out dinner from one of our favourite
restaurants. We toasted our very happy 
marriage, and our great life


 Have a loving your life day.


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

Happy Anniversary ❣️❣️❣️ Such a sweet wedding photo❣️❣️❣️

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks so much Evelyn,

The happiness is what matters, and the love. We are so lucky.

Love your work.


Candy said...

Happy Anniversary, Barbara! It sounds like you and Steven had a perfect day.

Wishing the two of you many more years of happiness and love.


Jennifer Rose said...

happy anniversary!!

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Candy,

It was perfect. Love your work.


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Jennifer Rose,

It was very happy! Despite the horrible things going on
in the world.


cohen labelle said...

Happy anniversary Barbara and Steven
Love the photos — two beaming love birds, then and now
The magic persists
David and Marcia

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Marcia,

The magic does persist. Beautifully said.


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