Thursday, June 9, 2022

Thank you to everyone in this wide community!

The Barbara Muir Happy Art Award
Barbara Muir ©
(and yes this painting is
in the Food For Thought
show right now. Virtually.)

I had a great day painting, trying things out and thinking 
the artists' work I was seeing on on my blog list, and
on Instagram, and Facebook posts. This was work by 
artists and writers from around the world.  

My painting of a scene is still in the mostly thinking stage,
but I have lots of ideas about what to do next and working
on it, and that and another little painting -- also not finished
-- made me 
feel happy.

Then looking through my blog posts tonight I noticed
this post about the Happy Art Award.  At the moment I know
too many wonderful artists and writers, to even think about
sending out individual awards, but if you are reading this,
and doing something creative, you get the award. You all

Here's part of the post:

"Suddenly I remembered this -- The Happy Art Award.  Actually
The Barbara Muir Happy Art Award -- a kind of Oscar
for artists designed by me.  But why me you ask?  And why
not?  I reply.  I thought it up one day in response to the many
blog awards going around at the time, and sent it out to all
the artists on my blog list.

Forgive me now, but if you're reading this, you have won the
award, and one day when I am very rich there will be a
monetary prize attached.  But for now to all my artist friends,
collector friends, art appreciator friends, art inspiring friends,
galleries, and art show curators, writers -- to everyone in short who
helps me get this job of art done -- you win my lovely
award.  Your art, friendship, support makes me happy and
that's why you win!"

I think in a world that is making so many of us feel tense and worried
there has never been a more important time to help one another feel
happy if at all possible. 

Have a loving art day!

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