Thursday, December 15, 2022

The 15th thing I learned — art lives on!

Susan Hartnett
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 36 inches
Barbara Muir ©

I was looking through past portraits today, and came upon this one I posted
in 2008 of my friend Susan Scott, who changed her name to Susan Hartnett.
Susan was a lovely friend, who was always kind.

We became friends when we both worked for a gas company—she as the
Chief Financial Officer and I as editor of the corporate magazine.  She went
on to work almost exclusively for charities, and I do art, freelance writing, 
editing and teaching. 

We lost touch during the pandemic because she followed the health advice of
an anti-vaccine advocate. Ultimately I expect that’s why she died 6 months after
her cancer diagnosis about a year ago. I think she had both. The story is even sadder
because she wanted me to bring her bright flowers. And I planned to do it the
next week, but she died before I could.

This portrait is both abstract and accurate. I can feel her presence when I look
at it. In part it captures the joy I felt when I started painting in acrylic, and when
my friend, as very shy, vibrant, British woman agreed to pose.  I miss you Susan. 

Have a loving your friends day.

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