Tuesday, May 30, 2023

One of the most important anniversaries

Oprah Winfrey

Skype Sketch
willow charcoal on Canson
Mi-Teintes paper
11 1/2 x 13 3/4 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009

My husband and I are big on anniversaries, and celebrate
our first date, and our wedding day in some way every
month.  There's been a lot going on in this past month, and
I missed an anniversary of a date that in many ways
changed my life.

On May 21, 2009 I drew Oprah Winfrey live via Skype
on the Oprah Winfrey show. So many wonderful things
happened because of that amazing day. So the occasion certainly
deserves a highlight here.  And thank you again Oprah
and your staff.  I am wearing the T-shirt you sent me 
in 2009 as I write this. 

Here's a quote from the blog post from that day:

"People who don't know me cannot possibly know how much
I like Oprah. I probably started watching her show when it
first started running in 1986. Since her magazine began
publishing I've bought every issue, and enjoyed the range
of articles in the publication. Oprah is certainly one of the
most amazing women in the world, and a major hero for
me. So it was a huge thrill to be on her show. Watching
myself today I could tell that I was nervous, because I wanted to
be spontaneous like the people in Harrods who were cheering
with delight. But of course I was also conscious of the fact that
I had a job to do, create a portrait in the time span of
the show, and get that drawing right while watching Oprah.

Believe me from the time her team called a few weeks ago,
until I actually drew Oprah live on the show, I must have stared
at her face in my collection of magazines every free second,
studying her features -- which as you must already know -- are
incredibly beautiful.

What was it like drawing Oprah via Skype? Like an incredible
dream come true. For someone who loves people and faces
the way I do, to get to draw her lovely face, and meet such
an exceptional person was the ultimate treat -- just the best.

My drawing tonight is the sketch I did of Oprah.
I will never forget the intensity of creating it. What
an experience!

Have a memorable day."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sketch and a beautiful memory to keep celebrating ❣️❣️❣️❣️

Barbara Muir said...

I know this is you Evelyn,

Sorry you were having trouble posting.

It is a beautiful memory.


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