Friday, September 29, 2023

Feeling down -- try this!

Journal Sketch
marker on journal paper
6 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2023

I admit there have been things to get sad about lately.  And you
know that I like to write about 10 reasons to be happy, which was
one of the best exercises in the Positive Psychology class I taught for ten 
years.  But what about 25?  Yes.  I started this this morning. It 
could be simple -- like 25 things you see in the room you're sitting in that 
make you happy.  Or it could be anything -- ideas, people, you name it.
Here goes:

25 Reasons to be Happy

1.  I like this journal drawing I'm showing you today.

2. It is a beautiful day.

3. Steven and I had a few minutes on the back porch
    in the sun on his lunch break.

4. Our Fall Blooming Anemones are in bloom.

5. Our Nasturtiums are in bloom.

6. It's Friday! Yay!

7. Our Cosmos are in bloom.

8. I had a great sleep.

9. I'm working on a painting and it's coming together.

10.  I'm reading a good novel.

11. It's the weekend.

12. We go to the market, and see our favourite farmer tomorrow.

13. I had a great walk with the dog last night -- through the alleyway,
      and it was super quiet, and beautiful.

14. Steven finished his Zoom meeting and surprised me and 
      Sally, the dog, towards the end of our walk, and we got to
      walk together.

15. We loved the end of the TV series we've been watching.

16. We started watching a new series last night, and it looks good.

17. The birds are singing like crazy in the backyard.

18. I am having fun with the journal drawings. The constant
       practice seems to be teaching me a lot.

19. I sewed up the holes in one of Steven's cashmere sweaters
      last night, and that made him happy when he found it this

20. We have bouquets of Anemones, and of Nasturtiums on our
       kitchen table.

21. I love listening to music while I paint -- our favourite radio
       station to stream is Ocean 100 from Prince Edward Island.

22. The light in the backyard is magnificent -- sunlight illuminating
      the hanging nasturtium plant, and the red geraniums in the
      porch planters.

23. I just ate a perfectly ripe, absolutely delicious peach.

24. I love your work, and your posts.

25. I had a wonderful walk with Steven in the late afternoon

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