Monday, September 11, 2023

Missing my father on September 11

My father with me
and my son Christopher

the year my father died.
My Dad really loved Christopher.

Today we are making the long journey from Bear River to our 
school house in Wallace, Nova Scotia.  It is very beautiful here,
and we loved seeing our artist friends last night.  September 11
is a sad day for many North Americans. I am posting a 
blog post I did in 2019 about its meaning for me.  Hug the ones
you love.

"Half of my family lives in the United States.  Some have
dual citizenship, some are Canadian and live there.
So September 11, which means so much to Americans,
resonates with me. Also New York City is one of my
favourite cities in the world, and I can't help thinking
about the horror, and lasting impact of that day, every
time I show my work there.

But even more heartfelt to me is the fact that my father,
who I loved so much died before 9/11 on September 11.
My father died of lung cancer, and was way too young
to go.  He'd been a smoker, and was exposed to dangerous
levels of radiation when he was in the navy as a very
young man.

So the day is a day of double loss, and double sadness.
I do hope that we figure out how to give peace a chance,
and that we discover a cure for cancer.

I miss you Daddy.  You gave me my talent in painting,
and in writing.  I miss your humour, your warmth,
your kindness, I know I'll always have your love, and
you mine."

Have a loving your life day.

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