Thursday, December 14, 2023

Line is always there for me -- the 14th thing I learned again in 2023

Journal Sketch
Marker on paper
6 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2023

Once again this year I did more line drawing than anything else,
partially because I started the practice of doing 3 journal sketches
while I drink my morning coffee.  Again this year I was too cautious
about COVID to spend time at gallery openings.  And again in recent
weeks  everyday new friends are getting COVID. So in a way smaller
work -- and especially line drawing made sense. I have been in several
shows, and really everything had changed.  Not as many visitors, or even
artists showing their work.  I can't wait for this virus to be gone for 
Last year on this date I enjoyed finding a blog post from December 14, 2008.
(*Note the interview with then Skype Blogger Howard Wolinksy, led to
my appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show in May, 2009. You have
all read about that here many times.)  But here's the post from 2008.
It's all about line:
"An interest in sketching
Hi everyone,
Lately the sketches I do when I'm on Skype with my kids and friends
have garnered some attention in the wider world of the Internet.
You know I am a painter -- and I love painting, but I have always
been interested in sketching. Sketchbooks crowd my bookshelves.
At art college we weren't even allowed to use colour for some of
our classes, until we worked in grey scale for a year. I've
probably talked about that before -- because it drove me right
up the (white) walls.
Drawing was considered almost more "important" than 
painting. Oh I know structure -- the gift of line -- I know
why. The point is that all of that went in, and I am someone
who draws her life. I said that on the video interview with
Howard Wolinksy that you can watch on YouTube if you
hit this link Barbara Muir Skype.

Sketchbook self portrait
the girl fascinated by musicians
Barbara Muir ©

Tonight I was looking for a photo of a friend that I stuck in
one of my old sketchbooks, and came across some drawings
that documented my brief life as a musician's girlfriend. I 
really wasn't cut out for the insecurity of life on the road, or
the rock musicians' obsession with equipment. The life was too
harsh, and lived too close to what felt like a precipice to me.
A base player

But for the few months that I let myself get swept up in that
world, I'm really glad I documented it."
The drummer gets the spotlight
marker on paper
Barbara Muir © 

So that's my post from this date on my first year of blogging.  Little did I know all
of the great things that were coming my way -- being on the Oprah Winfrey show via
Skype, exhibiting in New York City, Paris and Florence, artist friends all over the
world-- media interest in my work. It's been amazing. Thank you Blogger, and now
Instagram, and very rarely Facebook.

Have a loving your life day!

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