Sunday, December 10, 2023

The 10th thing I learned all over again in 2023 -- Be happy


This was my most popular image on Instagram in
2019.  Me with my painting Cloud Magic at
the opening of the Encounter exhibition at the
Heliconian Club.  Meeting some of the wonderful
artists who are members in the Helconian Club,
was a highlight of this year again.
By the way this painting is still
available, and it is even more
beautiful than it looks here.
If you want it for a special
holiday present -- DM
me at on
Instagram.  Free
delivery in Toronto. 

In some ways life in the world gets more and more heartbreaking.
I still believe that if we take action whenever we can, and give
what we can to help with what we can, we owe it to those who
are suffering to appreciate how blessed we are. And we are.
We are not in a war.  We have food and shelter, and people who
love us, and work.

This is what I said about it in 2022, and it still applies:

"Be Happy!  Doesn't that sound simple? It is, but we
lose our way over such ridiculous things -- like
traffic.  Hardship and sorrow come into every life --
and of course have been, and are part of mine.  As well as
the richness of discovery, love and an exciting life,
there are the hard times, the silly arguments, the occasional
sleepless nights, and worry about other people's health and
happiness. This year I've tried to listen to a voice in my head 
that tells me to rethink my attitude (it sounds like my mother),
to notice what is great instead of what is wrong whenever
possible. I'm keenly aware that our time on the planet is limited,
and that I am incredibly lucky. So in my best moments,
I choose to enjoy life moment by moment and in the case of
enjoying you -- your support, your beautiful art, and great
thoughts -- that is a given. I am so blessed that my family and
friends are wonderful!"

Have a loving your life day."

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