Monday, February 23, 2009

The littlest painting

I did not paint today -- but I feel the day was filled with
artistry. So here's a little painting I did a couple of years
ago. I love the look of the house, and the colours needless
to say are my favorites. It is very, very small. I really
enjoy painting in the whole range of available sizes,
although the biggest I've done so far is 6' x 4'. I have
absolutely no problem painting big. Give me the Sistine
Chapel ceiling and I'd probably just get one person on it and still
leave out part of the head (no I don't think I'm Michelangelo, and
I'm not a muralist) -- but painting small is a whole
other problem -- tiny brushes, no space to manoeuvre, and yet
a good feeling to have done one -- big or small.

The Blue House
acrylic on canvas
2 x 5 inches

The artistry? Tidying, marking and planning my life --
running around doing silly errands, but handling them
with a modicum of joy. Cleaning, and cleaning and
cleaning for a possible inspection of the house in a
couple of days. Artistry was the dinner of fried
Jerk salmon, reheated left over brown rice and
maximumly delicious salad -- fresh greens, juicy,
happy tomatoes and the most luscious red pepper
in a homemade vinaigrette. Yum beyond yum.

The artistry? -- talking to an artist friend and
reveling in technology.

The painting next to a pot of
tulips to give you an idea
of the scale -- tiny!
All in all a satisfactory day. Now I have to haul
these bones off to bed -- a humongous day tomorrow.

Have a treating-yourself-well day.

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