Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just for fun

I started this little painting of a cup of coffee
as a tribute to one of my favorite beverages,
and because I am working so hard that
I'm dreaming of coffee in my sleep. Also I needed
a light relief from the horrendous news of the day.

Coffee with milk in a cup
and saucer.
8 x 8 inches
acrylic on canvas
(Steven says they only serve
coffee this way in England,
but actually Starbucks uses cups
and saucers too. I don't take
sugar, but I put some on the side).

I did hear some interesting facts on CBC, our public radio.
Apparently our dreams mean nothing. They are just the brain
having a break ( in my case a coffee break).While we're
dreaming we're using short term memory, which is why
we don't remember our dreams unless we wake up during,
or just after the dream. What I don't understand is why we
want to remember what happened in our dreams so badly
if they don't matter?

Haven't you had significant dreams? Both times I was
pregnant I dreamt that I was having a boy, and knew
I was right. Bingo! Plus when I was pregnant with
my youngest and worried about the baby, my then dead
father came to me in a dream and told me the baby would be
fine. The baby was, and is.

If you drink coffee, you'll have trouble sleeping, and will
miss your dreams -- the connection to tonight's
little painting.


Melinda said...

Vibrant as ever! This is an energetic cuppa. I'll bet it isn't decaf.

While I think most dreams are pretty non-sensical, I have to agree with you that there are times when powerful and significant dreams come to us. When I was pregnant with my boy, my husband and I had the SAME dream about him on the SAME night. It was very comforting.

Beauty and art will save the world.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Wow! The same dream. Spooky. That shows me that couples are really good at transmitting thoughts. No -- it better not be decaf. Got to stay awake.

You are so right, beauty and art will save the world.


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