Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Passion for Painting

There couldn't have been a more perfect day
to open my blog and find that Theresa
Rankin, a wonderful person, passionate
painter, and all round great human being
had awarded me the A Passion for Painting
Award. This is the second "pay it forward"
award I've been honoured to receive from
Theresa. These awards that circulate on
appreciation, kindness and respect are a huge
part of why I am a major fan of the art blog world.

So here's the scoop on what this award involves.
First Check out Theresa's wonderful work at
You'll know right away how great Theresa is by
reading the seven things she's passionate about.

She can paint anything, but mainly features
the portrait, landscape and still life
painted with style, warmth, and lively brushwork.
Frequently her paintings feature an almost
mystical light -- and she's excellent with all
types of light. Her work also portrays a loving
world view, a quality I greatly admire.

A few things I'm passionate about --
candlelit dinners with cut flowers (tulips last week),
Steven, and Timbah the cat who has taken to sitting
on Steven's shoulder while we eat dinner. On this
occasion Timbah was hitting Steven's fork before
the food could get to his mouth, and eventually
the cat had to be placed kindly on a chair.

So what are the seven things I'm passionate about --
the Top seven? I can't hope to be as eloquent as
Theresa, but not in any particular order as of this
moment they are:

1. The people in my life -- my family, friends,
the students I teach, and the people I meet
everywhere I go, who teach, impress, love,
encourage, and care for me.

2. The constant recognition of opportunities
to feel joy in my daily activities, and in
learning about others' lives. Remembering to
be happy.

3. A sense of wonder (closely tied to #2) at
the beauty of the world -- the natural world,
pools of light falling on walls and tables,
kids giggling in a hallway at school, birds
in the yard -- the list is endless.

4. Painting and drawing -- (closely linked to
#1,2 and 3).

5. Being my husband's sweetheart, and returning
that emotion.

6. Teaching as many people as I possibly can
what I've learned that helps make life more
fulfilling, and happy.

7. Learning all the time about what's going on
in the world, through books, movies, conversations,
courses, exposure to different cultures, food and

If I could add 8, I'd agree with Theresa -- because
I like old things too, and ten years ago the first
thing on my list might have been old china. I
love antique shows, antique houses (mine).
I've got a cabinet full of white and gold china,
so I really have to cool it.

Like Theresa I'd like to nominate my whole blog

I try very hard to visit everyone on my list as soon
as they input a new entry. And I comment on
blogs as much as I can. I also try to respond when
people are kind enough to comment on mine.
Some of the people who are always encouraging me
are Theresa's picks too -- notably Eldon Warren
and David Lobenberg. So I have to put them on my
list, and I'll name too many people. They can refrain
from receiving the award twice if they choose, but
I must give it to them. If you receive this award from
me the rules suggest that you award seven people.

Theresa Rankin
Flora Doehler
Liza Hirst
Susan Carlin
Laurel Daniel
Eldon Warren
David Lobenberg
Belinda Del Pescoe
Edward B. Gordon

Like Theresa I would like to include everyone on my blog list
and many more. At the moment these are some of the main
people who inspire, support, teach me, and make me laugh.
They make the work of being an artist more fun, more
meaningful and more of a delight. All of them are passionate

Have a couldn't-be-more-passionate-about-art-if-I-tried day.


Melinda said...

A well deserved award, Barbara! Congratulations!! You are so very passionate about painting and life. It is an honor to know you and your work. I hope that you will always have many channels for your work, art and love.

Thank you for including a mention of my blog and work. I will aspire to be as full of life and art as you are.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

I not only mentioned you, I gave you the award. You already are totally full of life and art!!!!


eldon warren said...

Hi Barbara, thanks, I'm honored. I find as I've read the passion lists you and Theresa have put up that I've never given my passions enough thought. Before I post an answer to that question I just gots to think it over a bit. I wonder where this will end up. :)One things for sure, Your passionate nature is what makes you special. I'd love to toss that award right back to ya. If I don't it won't be because ya don't deserve it.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

If you want to feel free to toss the award back. That's why I awarded more than my number. But you know what? I know you like my work, and that we're friends. So you don't have to.

You do entirely deserve it. Your passion for painting shines out in every painting you create.

Take care,


Flora Doehler said...

Thank you Barbara for the award!! I do feel passionate about painting as I know you do too! aren't we so lucky to be able to do this!
I think you had better add that you are very passionate about blogging too!

Liza Hirst said...

Hi Barbara,

At last I get round to visiting your blog again and to thank you for giving me the award - and I am very sorry I didn't respond earlier! You definitely deserve the award - you seem to be a very passionate artist and a passionate person in general!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

I am passionate about blogging -- you're right. But blogging is not at the top of the seven things I'm passionate about. It's a way to connect to you, and that was number 1.

You are certainly a big reason why I blog, and why I care about painting. I learned so much about creativity and joy from you when you were in Toronto, and still do all the time through your blog.

Love Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

I used to teach a course called The Path of Change for artists. Researching for that I listened to Tony Robbins motivational tapes. At the end of every tape he used to say,
"and remember -- Live with passion!!!"
For a while that became a joke line between me and the friend I taught the course with. Turns out Tony was right. But the line still makes me laugh. So do you, because you're funny.

You are also probably one of the most passionate and dedicated painters I know.


Laurel Daniel said...

Barbara - Congratulations to you for winning this award... and a big THANK YOU to you for passing it on to me! I have gotten a little bit behind this last week, but am finally getting caught up!! Thank you so much again - you are such a kind and affirming friend.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

I wouldn't say that you are behind -- you are way, way out front. Such a superb painter. Thanks for your thanks and your kind support.


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