Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love keeps our spirits strong

Mother and Child
Stage one
Om a red ground, I loosely sketched the
image and began blocking it in

Sometimes I wish I could do what Mike Dooley of Notes
from the Universe does for the 150,00 people or more
who subscribe to his daily emails, or what a recent
newsletter I got from Susan Jeffers did, and just fill
the whole planet up with so much warmth and affection
that at the very least each artist who did the brave,
wondrous, and massively fun thing of sitting down to
paint, or draw, or sculpt or make movies, or act, or sing,
or write plays or novels, or poetry would just know that
what they were doing was great. Take a breath here.
I know that's a run-on sentence. That would be a happy
start. After that I'd want that good feeling to spread so
that we all had enough food and adequate shelter, clean
water and loving environments to grow up in. Then we
could make people so happy together that war would be
insane and impossible. And at the same time we'd
create a world where disease was unknown.

It all starts at the place where my painting tonight begins
with love -- a parent's love for a baby. So I'm doing a
little painting of a mother and child. It isn't finished
yet, but this is the first stage.

Meanwhile your kindness to me, and the love that goes
into your work each day -- the passion you have for
living -- is what keeps my spirit strong, and my hope
for the possibility of this world view growing.
Thanks again.


Liza Hirst said...

Barbara, that is exactly what you are doing! Filling up the world with affection and warmth! Maybe not the whole planet but I wouldn't be surprised if one day you had 150,00 people following your blog! And I will defintely still be one of them then!
Thanks so much!
I haven't had time to check out this guy's blog yet but will do sometime.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Thanks and you too -- filling up the universe with beauty and lovely words.

I should put the link to Mike on my list. It's a website gets
you there. If you can get through
the adventure part, and sign up, his daily notes (during the work week) are really sweet.


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