Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching up on painting

Kitchen Studying
8 x 8 inches
acrylic on canvas
not quite done
Barbara Muir © 2009
(My son's friend is studying for her
finals. I liked her wistful expression)

I'm working on a little painting tonight, and if I don't get it
done I'll post my progress. Spring has hit full force, and
I actually got out for a lovely walk tonight with Steven and
Zoey. The colours just about took my breath away. Lush soft
greens -- that spring green you only see for a week or two, then
warm golden light turning to pink hitting the trees in the late
evening. I feel like I was made for this season, but I know I'll
say that in two weeks when it's hot summer too.

Ten More Reasons To Be Happy

1. I'm painting
2. Life is exciting
3. Sam made supper all by himself -- delicious
4. The red tulips in my garden are rising out of the blue baby's breath
5. I'm really, really finished my school term
6. I saw my Los Angeles family on Skype the other day
7. I laughed my head off with a friend in Tucson on Skype the other day
8. I am really loving my book for about five minutes a day
9. I'm learning new things about art, and about you all the time
10. I am lucky to be living where I do, and watching my cherry
tree bloom.

I could add to that that I feel lucky every day to know the fine
artists and art appreciation people I meet through my blog.
I hope you are all painting like crazy and loving every minute
of it.

Have a flourishing-in-art day.


Karen Bruson said...

Barbara, Again, what beautiful colors. She must be thrilled that you painted her.

Melinda said...

I'm smiling after reading your list.

You're doing such great things in the world! Glad you could get out and enjoy the lovely weather. Better yet, I'm so glad that you are painting as much as you want now that school is out.

Have a glorious week!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks Karen. I think she's wrapped up in exams right now, and was kind enough to pose for some pictures for me.

I'm so glad you like it.


Laurel Daniel said...

I love your passion for life!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

I don't know why I didn't answer you.
I'm smiling at you smiling reading my list. You do make me smile.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

Thanks so much, and I love your passion for life and for painting.

Feel the love.


Liza Hirst said...

Love the painting! You captured a beautiful expression again. And the green in it is great, Barbara!
I am happy for you that you are happy and that this way, your happiness rubs off on me a bit, too! Thank you so much for that!!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Thanks -- I'm glad you like the painting. The green is for you of course, because I know you like it.
Actually a strange thing is happening. I am realizing how much I like green in a painting.

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