Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wow that was so much fun!!!

Oprah Winfrey
Skype Sketch
willow charcoal on Canson Mi-Teintes paper
11 1/2 x 13 3/4 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009

People who don't know me cannot possibly know how much
I like Oprah. I probably started watching her show when it
first started running in 1986. Since her magazine began
publishing I've bought every issue, and enjoyed the range
of articles in the publication. Oprah is certainly one of the
most amazing women in the world, and a major hero for
me. So it was a huge thrill to be on her show. Watching
myself today I could tell that I was nervous, because I wanted to
be spontaneous like the people in Harrods who were cheering
with delight. But of course I was also conscious of the fact that
I had a job to do, create a portrait in the time span of
the show, and get that drawing right while watching Oprah.

Believe me from the time her team called a few weeks ago,
until I actually drew Oprah live on the show, I must have stared
at her face in my collection of magazines every free second,
studying her features -- which as you must already know -- are
incredibly beautiful.

What was it like drawing Oprah via Skype? Like an incredible
dream come true. For someone who loves people and faces
the way I do, to get to draw her lovely face, and meet such
an exceptional person was the ultimate treat -- just the best.

My drawing tonight is the sketch I did of Oprah.
I will never forget the intensity of creating it. What
an experience!

Have a memorable day.


L.Holm said...

Barbara!! I can't believe i missed yesterday's post, and so didn't get to tape this! Congratulations! that is so incredibly cool! wow. what an amazing experience and a wonderful drawing!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks so much. It was so incredibly cool indeed. I appreciate your kindness.

Take care,


claud-hop said...

Hey Barbara,

Congratulations on your fabulous success! You were on Oprah... OPRAH! That's awesome. You are awesome. Yay you!


P.S. I was at work, so I was unable to get to a television, but perhaps you taped it? For me to watch, yes?

Laurel Daniel said...

I am SICK that I missed your post yesterday. I didn't see show and I didn't DVR it... darn, darn, darn! You did such an incredible job with the drawing - WOW - I bet she loved it. And I just know you were the most charming guest and that your kindness beamed through skype to everyone in the TV audience. BRAVO to you.

No one deserves this wonderful honor more than YOU! YAY!

XOXO Laurel

PS - if you do find a way to put it on u-tube or link it up, let me know!!!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Claudia,

Thanks so much. No I didn't tape it,
but I think I have friends who did, so we can watch it sometime in the next few weeks.

It was really fun.

Take care,

Love Barbara

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laurel,

I'm sorry you missed it Laurel, it was fun. I don't have a tape of it myself, and my husband hasn't seen it. I'm so sorry. We're hoping one of my friends has a tape of it, so we can watch it. It was a great show --
not because I was one it -- I just mean altogether it was just amazing how people can now communicate on Skype.

Take care,


Rosemary said...

Barbara, an artist in Raleigh, N.C. emailed to rave about seeing a Toronto artist paint Oprah on her show! She didn't give me a name, but I just knew it had to be you! Congratulations! So sorry I missed the show...but You Go Girl! This is totally awesome!

Jenn Jilks said...

I just saw the show. What a delicious treat, and great marketing! You go, girl!

I love my Oprah, too! I usually watch it a day or two behind while working out!
/ My Muskoka

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I was able to catch the second half of the show....though we have TERRIBLE TV reception here. I heard Oprah say the she liked your kitchen (me too!!!) and she loved the drawing.
Congratulations!!! We are both proud of you!!
Flora and Larry xoxo

Sandra Galda a Daily Painter said...

I got to see it because just by chance I was surfing thru artist blogs after posting my daily painting yesterday, and saw your notice! I tunned in and saw the show! You did great! The drawing is very good!!!!

damman said...

Hi Barbara,

You were fabulous! Amazing!! It was the coolest ever. I had goosebumps, all my friends watched too. Just think, my sister-in-law was on Oprah!! Totally wonderful!

I'm so glad you had fun too! I DID!!

pvanschaik said...

Don't know why damman is my blog name? sorry,not my choice!

Karen Bruson said...

Barbara, Oh, I wish I checked your blog yesterday. I missed the show!! Of course, I was at work anyway but how exciting and she is soooo beautiful. You really captured her eyes. Wow!

Gwen Bell said...

Your drawing is wonderful! And you didn't seem nervous at fact, just the opposite...very much the Cool Artist presenting a very cool new Art Genre. I like the part where you said "and that's what I do". You looked so pretty and confident and your home looked so inviting. What a dream! I've re-watched it twice now. Love Laurel's suggestion of putting on youtube! Congratulations. It must have seemed surreal. It just doesn't get any better than Oprah.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Rosemary,

Thanks so much. You are right. It is totally awesome. So much is happening.

I really appreciate your good wishes.

Take care,


Barbara M. said...

Hi Jenn,

What a cool cottage blog. Thanks for the warm wishes. Yep it was great.

Take care,


Barbara M. said...

Hi Flora and Larry,

Thanks so much. It was so much fun talking to the two of you on Skype. The little sketch that started an avalanche. Like the wings of a butterfly or something -- my sketch of you.

So wildly exciting.

Have to talk to you really soon, you helped me so much.


Barbara M. said...

Hi Sandra,

Thanks very much. I'm glad you liked the show. I thought the whole thing was exciting -- all the fantastic ways people are using Skype.

Take care,


Barbara M. said...

Hi Pat,

So nice to see you a few weeks back. I'm glad you liked the show. It was
really amazing to be part of that.

Love Barbara

Barbara M. said...

Hi Karen,

I'm glad you liked Oprah's eyes. Yes they are absolutely amazingly gorgeous. I notice that in every picture of her, and watching the show.

Take care,


Barbara M. said...

Hi Gwen,

I'm glad you liked the show, really glad. No I won't be putting it on You Tube. That contravenes copyright laws, and there's no way I'd do that.

It's exciting to me that you liked it.
That's what matters.

Take care,


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I saw you on Oprah! I think that is so cool, and I remember thinking how you really captured her, congrats!!

You will have to post the video on utube with a link on your blog so all your fans can see it.

Aliaena said...

Hi Barbara!
I just wanted to add my congratulations to the chorus of voices here. This sounds like such an amazing experience for you. I haven't seen Oprah for years - since I moved to France, but I have always really respected her work and her path. I'll try to find out if the episode is available via her website. Sometimes they have sections of the program on there. If I'm understanding right you aren't able to post it on YouTube? Is that right? Either way - a thrilling experience and am so happy for you from afar. I'd also love to know more about Skype portraits!!! Is there somewhere I can read up on it? Sending you all the best from France (apparenfly one of the few places in the world where Oprah is not on TV!) Although now that I say that - who knows? - I'll try to make sure and find out...) Aliaena

Barbara M. said...

Hi Dana,

Thanks so much. My husband just got to watch it on my friend's huge screen. So great. I loved the whole show.

Take care,


Barbara M. said...

Hi Aliaena,

I love what you said about Oprah's work and her path. Yes both her work and her path have always inspired me. I like the idea of trying to make a difference while you're on the planet. As a teacher I am always talking about Oprah as an inspirational figure -- so much so that when kids do presentations on school success, they frequently do skits of the Oprah show. So this whole experience has been over the top super for me.

Take care,


Liza Hirst said...

Again I come late with my comment (sorry!) and the other visitors have already said it all. Congratulations, Barbara!!
Unfortunately I couldn't watch you on Oprah (being in France like Aliaena) but asked my sister in Michigan to do so for me. So the following day she told me all about it and I was very happy for you! What a pity you can't put it on youtube - I would love to have watched you on the show. Your drawing is great!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Liza,

I'm glad you like the drawing. I couldn't be more delighted with everything to do with being on Oprah. I'm glad you're sister in
Michigan watched it. I would have loved it if you could see it, just because you would completely understand what it was like, and how fantastic it was for me.


David Lobenberg said...

Kudos to you, mistress of Skype art!

Barbara M. said...

Hi David,

Thanks so much. Plus I like the title. A strange thing to be mistress to, but there you do go.
I accept. It has been fun.

Take care,


Dayna Talbot said...

Barbara...Saw you on Oprah...Congrats....
Love your work!

Barbara M. said...

HI Dayna,

Sorry I missed you. Thanks so much. This was great fun!

Take care,


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