Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lunch time

Steven walking across the piazza in front of Santa Maria Novella

The view of the Duomo from our desk, I can't crop or
adjust it -- sorry.

My friend, the beautiful artist Tamara van der Berg
pencil sketch
Barbara Muir Florence 2009

We keep sleeping in, which is somewhat of a miracle, because
the bells start right outside our window at about 8:30 and seem
to ring every 15 minutes. The sound is just magical. But at
night after we eat supper at some cozy little Trattoria we are
greatly tempted to walk around. The place is beautiful, and
decorated more and more each day for Christmas -- not in some
gaudy way, but extremely tastefully, and then of course the
place is mostly elegant and tasteful.

The fashion this year would surprise my friends in Toronto.
The must-have coat is very, very shiny, plastic coated nylon,
poufy down, quilted. Knee length for women, and waist length
for men. Even little children wear this. The slightly more
elegant people wear the same outfit in either white not shiny,
or brown or dark beige not shiny. So down is very in. On a
cold, rainy day you completely understand the whole thing.

Tell my friend Marcia that the hot water, very modern
radiators in our apartment make it quite warm, and we
heat our towels and even our clothes up on those. It's
lovely. Sensibly, just like in Toronto we turn the heat up
when we're home, and way down when we're out.

Now it's time to head down to the end of our street to y
a delicious cheese and prosciutto panini (caldo)
heated up, and catch a little bus to the Santa Maria Novella
cathedral to see the Masaccios, then head to the Fortezza
da Basso to sit the show and be entertained by my very
funny friends. Miss you all.

Have an enjoying-the-best-of-where-you-are day.


Laurel Daniel said...

Dear Barbara M... what a wonderous experience you are having! Good to know that staying warm is "in" - you need to get yourself one of those shiny coats. You will be all the rage back home (and you will still be able to wear it!) So happy for you, and I know you are sucking it all in. LOVE, love, LOVE, Laurel XOXOXO

eldon warren said...

Seems as though the staying warm thing is universal right now and warm is good. Sub zero here and will be for the next few days. I'm happy you're having such a time. It'll be interesting to see what paintings you do when you get back. Florence must be a really beautiful place.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

I am at the Florence Biennale listening to Abramovich talk about
artist friends. I am glad you are one of mine.

Having a super time and wish you were here.

LOVE, LOVE and Love Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

We have all seen bad paintings of Florence, so I don't know what I'll do with my photos.

I hope I'll retain the incredible warmth I feel here.

It is just amazing.

Take care,


cohen labelle said...

Oh you are a lamby. Those are beyoutiiful beootiful beautiful drawings, beyond words

Massacio eh – I’ll try to calm down. Who else, no, don’t tell me! Not Boticelli? Basta Oi mein gott, per amor di Dio, It sounds as though Florence could be the cradle of my artistic soul too

But I don’t think you’ll get to see Caravaggio there – you’ll have to go to Rome for that. Whoops, no I think you might get to see one at the Uffizi.

Speaking of down, Europe Bound across from MEC carries Canada Goose, but it might be too warm - not water proof -

Well Barbara, my drooling has a dying fall – I think I’ll heat up some presidents choice lasagna from fortinos. Yum!
Yes and it’s a good thing your internet time is limited. Don’t waste a precious minute. You should be out on the street. No that’t not what I mean and you know it!
Ciao baby
Love, Marcia

Liza Hirst said...

Cropped or not - your drawings are great, as usual! I especially like the one of the dome.
I agree with Marcia, don't spend too much time with emailing and commenting - be there! Btw, I will try to come next time...

laura said...

Barbara, where you are is beautiful, but I have to say I think you have an "enjoying the best of where you are day" everyday, for which you have my undying admiration!

LeSan said...

My heart is filled with joy for you because I know you are having a wonderful magical time. It all just sounds so delicious. Glad to hear about the poufy coats, it goes well with my poufy hips. sigh.

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