Saturday, March 13, 2010

Short visit with my son

Writing birthday thoughts
charcoal on bond paper
11 x 14 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010
(Behind Sam's shoulder to your
right is my cat Timbah asleep on
the couch. In the other direction
my cat Fiona was curled up
in blissful sleep, but she didn't fit
in the picture. They were
delighted to see Sam.)

My youngest Sam is home from university,
and goes back tomorrow. I'm so glad we
got to have a bit of a family dinner last night
and to sing Happy Birthday and share a tiny
cake for his girlfriend's birthday. Naturally
he is spending most of today -- the actual
birthday -- with the birthday girl. But he came
home and ate a second supper tonight, and
let me sketch him very quickly while he
worked on her birthday present. Tonight
they'll go out with their friends, and we'll
scrape him out of bed and onto the bus back
to school in the early morning.

Enjoy the clocks jumping backwards. Here's
the sketch I did of my wee (6'4" tall) lad. He
has frequently posed as my model and I
do know that lovely face like shorthand.

Have an enjoying the-longer-evenings day.
P.S. I'm sure spring is coming, but I'd
forgotten that it often announces itself with
a very cold rain. That's what's happening
outside my window right now as I type. A
lovely sound, but out in the elements you need
full, waterproof winter gear -- a nasty shock
after the warmth just a few days ago.


Melinda said...

Nice sketch, Barbara! I really like your lines, smudges and sense of color in this.

I'm very glad that you have your boy home. I know that you are happiest with the pack all together. It's so nice to have the house filled with family.

Wishing you warm sunny days!

laura said...

We had dinner every night at 6 p.m. sharp when I was growing up--steaming hot food, everyone in "their" place. Such good memories, and maybe why my brothers and I are still so close?
I'm going to a life-drawing session and your drawing is inspiring to dig out my charcoal ... Your drawing is beautiful, and I love the smudges!

laura said...

ps Forgot to say, I have wanted to go to Nova Scotia, and PEI, since I was in HS! And have still never been ... Someday!
I collect beach glass too and have arose bowl full: what to do with it now?

eldon warren said...

Same thing here today, cold spring rain. It gives me hope.

cohen labelle said...

Hi Barbara
I love these two drawings -the one of Sam and the skype drawing of Mary from the previous day is amazing!
I have an old photograph of David from his journalism days taken by Julien LeBourdais at almost the identical angle. He may be checking a fact but he also looks as thought he’s waiting for a scoop.

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