Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School's out for summer

In the kitchen researching for the doctorate
Rough sketch
12 x12 inches
Acrylic on canvas
Barbara Muir © 2010

I went to my last marks meeting today and it was
quite enjoyable. Everyone was civilized and even
better than that -- funny, which makes a long
meeting much better. So I got out of my car into a
wild windy day, sunny and gorgeous and cold.
By the weekend it's supposed to go up to 32 degrees
Celsius, or almost 90 Fahrenheit, and everyone will be
in shock. I know you are ready for that shock.

Our Cherry tree in the late afternoon
(Expect more pictures tomorrow).

Toronto is just beyond description at this time of
year. The trees are coming out into new leaf, the
flowering trees in every colour of pink and white
an yellow make every little journey a treat.

I'm starting the drawing for a painting I told you
about on April 15. It's not a big painting, but I
am really looking forward to doing it. I have
known the girl, a friend's daughter, since she was
a child, and I've always liked and admired her very


Melinda said...

Nice post and nice beginning of another lovely portrait.

We're having the same kind of weather here, only different. :-)
It was nearly 90 degrees yesterday, but today will be in the high 60s and then, next week it'll be heading back into the 80s and 90s...and, soon, beyond.

I'm not ready for the shock.

Your area looks as though it is so gorgeous it could make your eyes hurt looking at all of that beauty.

Wow, what a Cherry tree!

So glad you're done with the school work! Enjoy!

Karen Bruson said...

Nice drawing, as always. Is school really over?

Liza Hirst said...

Same here - colours bursting everywhere - what a joy!
Good luck with your painting - in regard to the drawing it will be fantastic!!!

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